Cork Airports wildlife management satisfied with the Purivox gas cannons results

Successful implementation of the Purivox radio remote controlled gas cannons at Cork Airports wildlife management

Purivox TA-RC System at Kaunas airport

Location: Cork Airport / Ireland
Purpose: Bird Control
Species which are causing damage: Several bird species
Protection Area Airfield


Feedback from the customer:

Since the introduction of the first gas gun in August of 2021, the system provides us with an additional and effective control measure that we have developed into our wildlife management procedures.
In addition to this, the Purivox system improves the operational requirements around our runways for our wildlife management team and enhance runway safety by reducing runway occupancy.
Management at Cork Airport have found the Purivox TA-RC System a beneficial and important feature of our wildlife management plan and this was highlighted with the second purchase of the Purivox TA- RC system in August 2022. 


Purivox TA-RC System

Purivox TA-RC System