Bird Control with the Purivox TA-RC System at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

Customer review of the Purivox TA-RC System at Berlin Airport with a connection to the Robin Radar System

Location: Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Purpose: Bird Control
Species which are causing damage: Seagulls, Cranes, Pigeons
Protection Area Airfield


The gas cannons at Berlin Airport do feature not only the very efficient long range radio remote control operation, but they are also equipped with a NB-IoT unit that allows the gas cannon to communicate with the bird radar from Robin Radar installed at Berlin Airport. The large advantage for the bird control team is to have a combined system that allows them to see the birds on a tablet via the radar feed and be able to operate the gas cannon over the same system. Each single operation will be recorded.


"The gas cannons were delivered on time and are in working orders to our satisfaction"

Mr. R. K. / Officer Bird & Wildlife Control